Be on the lookout for Andy Anderson & Erika Celeste's Memoirs of the Original Rolling Stone available online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and throughout Europe! Join Andy and the other members of the band as the small town Mississippi boys rise to stardom during the heyday of rock and roll, as they secure a contract at the famed Sun Studios, work with Elvis, become regulars on the Wink Martindale show, and watch their songs climb the Top 40 Chart. ​

Joseph Knapp, founder of Sacred Ecology 33 now has two spiritually uplifting books available online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  ​The Power of Prayer, Together We Can Change the World examines prayer through well-known world religions such as Buddhism Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism as well as some lesser known Native American, Hawaiian and Eastern traditions. 
Congratulations to Robert Joseph O'Guillory on the publication of his first book Webster Groves, The Life of an Insane Family Living in the Perfect American Suburb. The coming of age biography is now available online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and several smaller bookstores.​

The Destination Wedding Survival Guide-Suzanne Franco Land and her husband, Ken, got married at a gorgeous all-inclusive resort in Tulum, Mexico on June 30, 2009. She absolutely loved being a destination wedding bride and you will too … as long as you get the “scoop” from those of us who have gone before you! Check it out at 

Check out You're Not Alone; Journey of a Forgotten Warrior & PTSDFollow Carol on her very personal journey of loss and the obstacles she and other families of wounded, ill, and injured service members face. The book addresses the issue of abandonment at the greatest time of need. It’s an eye-opening reality of the disappointments encountered and most of all the fear being abandoned by the community. Currently on Kindle Books and coming soon to books stores everywhere.

Kathleen never put much credence in the set of runes her nursemaid gave her as a child. They’d always been just a game. But when they predict a terrible accident, followed by the loss of her fiancée, she knows there’s something more to the magical stones. Could they really be the answer to help her through her nightmare? And can she use them to find happiness again? Available on most digital platforms Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, iPad etc.
Follow Your Heart is the true story of Phil Devite's struggle to overcome the odds to walk again. When he was given a less than one percent chance to walk after a devastating car accident, he chose to believe in himself instead of the doctors. Follow him through the process and find out what his foolproof  secret to success is. The book won honorable mention at the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival. Available in paperback through Amazon and  Barnes & Noble's website as well as most digital platforms such as iBooks, iPad etc. 

 President Trump may not be able to make up his mind on #DACA, but immigrant John Sesay is unwavering in his opinion of undocumented immigrants. In #ALionHasNoHorns, the newly released book from History Publishing Company, Sesay and co-author, Erika Celeste, recount the harrowing tale of his accidental citizenship. Now available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo.