Erika Celeste is a freelance writer and journalist who works for a variety of media and commercial outlets. Because video clips are the most often requested, a cross section of current work is listed first. However, a selection of pieces from other sources such as print, radio, blogs, commercial spots are also available arranged by category just below the videos. (Books are listed on another page (tab) due to the longer format.)

Recycled Concrete
Odd and Off Beat Roadside Attractions
The Great Eight
Baby Boxes
From Golf Range to Free Range
Bat Conservation
Friendship Cities
Tick Genome
Back in Time
Syrian Refugees

King Cotton
US Cattle Farmers Adopt Eco-Friendly Methods
Ghost Hunters
Modern-Day Knights
Current Events
Kid Motorcyclists
​WV Muslims honor Iraqi Hero
Disabled Driver Builds Dream Truck
Wheelchair-Friendly Path
There's Oil on Them There Campuses
From Job Skills to People Skills
Amateur Beekeepers
Goats on the Foliage Frontline
Wood Powered Truck
Making Mint
Bison Stampede onto Menus
​Adult Stem Cell Research
Potent Jungle Vine Has Potential to Treat Addiction
Johnny Cash Flower Pickin’ Festival
International Harp Competition
Tree Bark Shows Pollution

Adventure Racing
Disc Golf
Moose on the Loose
Urban Coyotes 

Erika was 1 of 14 journalists across the Unites States and Canada chosen as a fellow for with the Institutes for Journalism & Natural Resources.  The following are just some of the published stories that came from that experience.

Eco-Landscaping Saves Homes From Flooding

​US Farmers Work to Curb Lake Erie Pollution

Secrets of the Valley (Archeology Channel)

Coal: Dirty Coal: Dirty Past Hazy Future (National Public Radio, Environment Report)

Red Salt & Reynolds (Archeology Channel)


​Wonderful West Virginia  article by Erika Celeste.

West Virginia Executive article by Erika Celeste.

Movie poster for Secrets of the Valley written and produced by Erika Celeste.

Commercial spot written and produced by Erika Celeste.

Commercial spot written and produced by Erika Celeste.

Promotional video for History of Rock, also known as Memoirs of the Original Rolling Stone.

101 Lakes Country Tourism video blog Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay.

101 Lakes Country video blog on GW Stroh

orchard in Steuben County.

101 Lake Country Tourism video blog on the Underground Railroad in Steuben County.

101 Lakes Country Tourism video blog on trout fishing in Steuben County.