Erika Celeste often freelances for a variety of media and commercial outlets. A cross section of recent work is listed first. However, due to client requests for samples related to their fields of interest, additional categories are also listed. Click on the story titles to go to the original site of publication. (Books and promotional videos/spots are listed on additional pages.)

Intuitive Exoskeleton
Star Trek Tricorder Moves Closer to Reality
Santa School
Real Life Indiana Jones

Making A Mint
Bison Stampede onto Menus

Current Events
Baby Boxes
Women Across US Prepare to March on Washington

Disabled Driver Builds Dream Truck
Wheelchair-Friendly Path

Child Translators
DNR Rescue Drones

There's Oil on Them There Campuses
The Great Eight

From Golf Range to Free Range
Schools Going Solar

Science & Research
Recycled Concrete
Lab on Paper

Living Fossil Returns to Illinois Rivers
Bison Reclaim Their Natural Habitat

Erika was 1 of 14 journalists across the Unites States and Canada chosen as a fellow for with the Institutes for Journalism & Natural Resources.  The following are just some of the published stories that came from that experience.

Eco-Landscaping Saves Homes From Flooding
US Farmers Work to Curb Lake Erie Pollution

Secrets of the Valley (Archeology Channel)
Coal: Dirty Coal: Dirty Past Hazy Future (National Public Radio, Environment Report)
Red Salt & Reynolds (Archeology Channel)

​Wonderful West Virginia  article by Erika Celeste.

West Virginia Executive article by Erika Celeste.

Movie poster for Secrets of the Valley written and produced by Erika Celeste.